Friday, June 27, 2008

Reuniting with Old Friends

We arrived early Thursday morning and I had previously made plans to meet with a patient and her family that I served last year for dinner. By the time dinner time rolled around, Christy and I were exhausted. We had been up with very little sleep for close to 48 hours. We met Honey and her husband Andy and their three kids for quick bite at Victoria, a local mall. We ate a Chow King and unfortunately, I couldn't enjoy it much because I was so tired. Regardless of how exhausted we were, it was great to see Honey and Andy again. We have been keeping in contact through email for the past 10 months, but there is nothing like seeing someone in person. I cannot get over how big their kids have gotten. Honey has been busy raising them. Joshua (age 5) is in school for a couple hours a day, but Glaiza (age 2) and Khyle (10 mos) are at home with her. Andy quit his job at a local mall and is now going back to school for computer sciences. I am praying that it opens up more doors for them.

My dinner - sweet and sour pork.