Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We Need These!

They have these signs posted all over the pediatric ward at the hospital. Wonder what it will take to get our hospitals to have these placed everywhere?

Hospital Visit

Last night, before I was to start the night shift (which was completely dead, by the way, so don't expect a post), Christy, Medea (a student midwife here) and I went to the hospital to visit some patients. Christy and I needed to go and see Sharene and Jean and Madea had a continuity whose baby is 3 weeks old. Meldrine has been in the hospital since birth and is suffering from hydrocephilus. They are waiting for a specialist to see him, but are not sure when that is going to happen. We are all afraid he is going to die in the mean time.

When we walked in the room, we were happy to see that Meldrine and Jean were placed next to one another. We spent about an hour sitting and talking with both moms. Medea had gathered a special bag for her continuity from the donations I brought along. I had already given one to Sharene the night before at the birth. Medea's patient was giddy with excitement over the gifts. We helped her place Meldrine in the sling, hoping that with some more skin to skin bonding, he might try to nurse. At this point, I am not sure he is getting anything more than is in his IV. He has lost a lot of weight and does not look good.

Sharene would not say much. She was stand offish in the birth as well. She is only 20 and her bana is 38. He has another family and was not at the hospital last night. I encouraged her to try and get Jean to suck, but Sharene was not interested in nursing her. I am very worried for them both. Without Jean nursing or sucking at all, I am not sure how she is going to get nutrients. Sharene is responsible for feeding her at the hospital - there are no meals/formula brought in for patients.

The hospital is just as I remember it - nothing is different or shocking, but yet, it still rocks me to my core. The people deserve more than this and yet, they are still so grateful. We prayed with both families and left them with food, but it really feels so small in the grand scheme of things. I know God is the God of Miracles and they definitely need one.

Christy also posted a blog on our trip to the hospital - she seems to do such a better job with words than I feel free to check it out if you are so inclined.

Meldrine and his mommy.

Sharene and Jean.

1st Birth with Christy

On swing shift on Monday, I caught another baby. Mom, Sharene (whom I learned her name after the birth) walked in the birth center at 2:45 pm and baby Jean was here at 2:46 pm. That's the way to do it if you ask me!
Christy and I have been friends now for close to three years. During that time, our relationship has grown and strengthened. I often call her bounce midwifery related issues off of her and visa versa. She has been a true blessing in my life, but after all this talk, we had never done a birth together - until little Jean's birth. It was wonderful having her there by my side assisting. Now, if I only I could convince her to move to Utah.
I ended up transporting Jean at the end of the postpartum period because she didn't seem to have a suck reflex, therefore had not nursed and was having labored breathing. Please keep her in your prayers as she was still there last night when we went to go visit her.

First Catch!

After the mom and baby from the taxi birth were moved inside, we did endorsements. I was first up since I hadn't caught a baby here yet. I was endorsed a first time mom who had been laboring outside all morning. Her bana was very supportive and bringing her food and rubbing her back. After a 40 minute pushing phase, little Choleen Faith was born into my hands over an intact perineum. Her mother, Jocelyn did an excellent job and was so strong. Little Choleen was 5 lb 10 oz. I saw both Jocelyn and Choleen yesterday at their one day postpartum visit and both seem to be doing very well. Jocelyn seems to be doing well with her new motherhood and Choleen loves to nurse. I get to see them again for another checkup tomorrow :)

Taxi Birth

Monday morning I was scheduled to work day and swing shift. I got to the clinic a little early - just in time to see my first taxi birth. We were sitting around in the midwive's area in the birth room getting ready for endorsements when we heard some commotion and everyone started to run outside. A couple of the other midwives jumped in the taxi and caught the already crowning little girl. Baby was born in the taxi and right after mom with baby still attached was wheeled into the birth room to clean up. I am not sure the taxi driver ever got paid either.
Here is the little princess.